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Integrated transcriptomics and miRNAomics provide insights into the regulatory networks associated with coleoptile senescence in rice.
4 Jyothish Madambikattil Sasi Jul 21, 2022
Identification and characterization of miRNAs during flag leaf senescence in rice by high-throughput sequencing.
4 Jyothish M S Nov 30, 2021
The wild rice locus CTS-12 mediates ABA-dependent stomatal opening modulation to limit water loss under severe chilling stress
35 Jijing Luo Oct 21, 2020
Global Epigenomic Analysis Indicates that Epialleles Contribute to Allele-specific Expression via Allele-specific Histone Modifications in Hybrid Rice
10 Zhibin Guo Sep 30, 2015
Rare Allele of A Novel Histone H4 Acetyltransferase Enhances Grain Weight, Yield and Plant Biomass Presumably Through the Regulation of Transcription
8 Tomoyuki Furuta Feb 10, 2015
Genome-wide analysis of microRNAs and their targets involving in leaf senescence of rice
14 bo shen Jan 01, 2015
The Polycomb Group Gene EMF2B is required for meristem determinacy and organ specification in rice flowers.
4 Venkatesan Sundaresan Oct 31, 2014
Differentiated Truncation and Uridylation Patterns of miRNAs in Arabidopsis and Rice hen1 Mutants Suggest miRNAs May Re-program RISC
33 Blake C. Meyers Jul 22, 2013
Imprinted expression of genes and small RNA is triggered by localized demethylation of the maternal genome in rice endosperm
16 Toshiro Nishimura May 01, 2013