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BRCA1 and ELK-1 regulate Neural Progenitor Cell Fate in the Optic Tectum in response to Visual Experience in Xenopus laevis tadpoles 
6 Caroline R McKeown Dec 31, 2023
RNA-Seq analysis of the stage 51 hind limb bud of Xenopus laevis
6 Caroline Beck Jun 22, 2022
Analysis of RA vs 4-oxo-RA gene expression regulation in Xenopus laevis
9 Ziyan Lin Mar 09, 2022
Temporal and Spatial Transcriptomic Dynamics across Brain Development in Xenopus laevis tadpoles
30 Caroline R McKeown Feb 22, 2022
High expression profiling analysis of the early response to spinal cord injury identified a key role for mTORC1 signaling
111 Juan Larraín Nov 10, 2021
Induction of dorsal mesodermal genes by pinhead and chordin
8 Keiji Itoh Apr 19, 2021
Specification of embryonic mesoderm by Pinhead signaling
8 Olga Ossipova May 15, 2020
Genome-wide analysis of mRNA polyadenylation and translation during vertebrate oocyte maturation
32 Michael Demian Blower Jan 14, 2020
An in-vivo brain-bacteria interface in the Xenopus brainless model reveals developmental brain as a key element of innate immunity
8 Christopher Martyniuk Sep 30, 2019
Gene expression changes in stage 23 Xenopus laevis embryos upon Neil2 knockdown
6 Emil Karaulanov Sep 16, 2019
NEIL1 and NEIL2 DNA glycosylases protect neural crest development against mitochondrial oxidative stress
45 Emil Karaulanov Sep 16, 2019
Transcriptome analysis of regeneration in Xenopus laevis twin embryos
30 Edward M De Robertis Feb 01, 2019
Brief Local Application of Progesterone via a Wearable Bioreactor Induces Long-Term Regenerative Response in Adult Xenopus Hindlimb
27 Christopher Joseph Martyniuk Jan 09, 2019
Xenopus hybrids provide insight into cell and organism size control
8 Taejoon Kwon Dec 19, 2018
RNA-Seq analysis of localization along animal-vegetal axis of Xenopus laevis
15 Radek Šindelka May 31, 2018
Retinoic acid induced expression of Hnf1β and Fzd4 is required for pancreas development in Xenopus laevis
8 Gabriela Salinas May 22, 2018
Bighead is a Wnt antagonist secreted by the Xenopus Spemann organizer that promotes Lrp6 endocytosis
16 Edward M De Robertis Dec 01, 2017
A Molecular Atlas of the Developing Ectoderm Defines Neural, Neural Crest, Placode and Non-Neural Progenitor Identity in Vertebrates.
79 Anne-Helene Monsoro-Burq Oct 25, 2017
Regulatory remodeling in the allo-tetraploid frog Xenopus laevis
22 Simon van Heeringen Sep 28, 2017
Comparative temporal analysis of wild-type Ptf1a, Neurog2 and mutant Ptf1a (Ptf1aW224A/W242A) overexpressing Xenopus explant transcriptomes after 6 and 25 hours of DEX induction.
16 Gabriela Salinas Sep 08, 2017