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Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of ZH11 and OsNF-YB1 RNAi plants Transcriptomes
2 Jingjng Xu Dec 16, 2016
Genome-wide study of OsNF-YB1 regulatory network in rice
6 Jingjng Xu Dec 16, 2016
The differentially expressed genes in rice jmj704 mutants revealed through RNA-Seq
2 Yuxuan Hou Nov 05, 2015
Genome-wide transcriptome of the coleoptile and the first leaf treated by white light or shade in rice seedlings
8 Lin Li Dec 19, 2016
Genome-wide comparative transcriptome profiling of two contrasting chilling tolerant rice genotypes in response to early chilling stress
4 Jijing Luo Jun 25, 2017
Both maternally and paternally imprinted genes regulate seed development in rice
14 Jingya Yuan Feb 04, 2017
Comparative transcriptome analysis of different root types in rice under salinity stress
6 Joyce Cartagena Sep 23, 2021
Transcriptome profiling of drought responsive noncoding RNAs and their target genes in rice
4 Pil Joong Chung Feb 14, 2017
Genome-wide identification of genes involved in phytochrome (phy)-mediated anther development in rice
12 Xiao Hui Xu Jul 01, 2017
Diversification of Root Hair Development Genes in Vascular Plants
30 John Schiefelbein May 11, 2017
Transcriptomic study of rice crowns from genotypes differing in tolerance to Zn deficiency
12 Amrit Kaur Nanda Mar 01, 2017
Comparative transcriptome analysis of different root types of a salinity sensitive rice cultivar under salinity stress
6 Joyce Cartagena Sep 23, 2021
Temporal anaylsis of mRNA from pannicle tissue from field grown rice
32 Jigar Desai Dec 13, 2016
S-Nitrocysteine (CysNO) responsive genes transcriptome profiling modulates diverse regulatory pathways in Oryzea sativa
4 Sang-Uk Lee Dec 23, 2016
Regulation of gene expression during formation of nodule-like structures (NLS) in rice roots
18 Arijit Mukherjee Jan 01, 2019
Root-specific overexpression of OsERF48 causes regulation of OsCML16, a calmodulin-like protein gene that enhances root growth and drought tolerance
8 Pil Joong Chung Nov 01, 2017
Variation in transcriptional responses to salt stress in rice
368 Chi Zhang Jan 01, 2018
White Leaf and Panicle 2 encoding a PEP-associated protein, is required for chloroplast biogenesis under heat stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
2 lv yu song Mar 21, 2018
Transcriptome diversity among rice root types in salinity tolerant and sensitive varieties
6 Joyce Cartagena Dec 31, 2023
Genome-wide analysis of heat effect on rice transcriptome by RNA-seq
20 Zhao SU Nov 12, 2018