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Mutant androgen receptor induces neurite loss and senescence independently of ARE binding in a neuronal model of SBMA
12 Diane E Merry Jul 05, 2024
Innate immune activation modulates contractile and electrical dysfunction in engineered heart tissue models fordesmoplakin(DSP)cardiomyopathy.
30 Daniel Selgrade Jul 03, 2024
DNA hydrogel based Wound Hemostatic Adjuvant
9 Tianyi Gu Jul 01, 2024
Transcriptome sequencing of synovial tissues of knee osteoarthritis rats.
7 ling yang Jun 22, 2024
Shared and unique transcriptomic signatures of antidepressant and probiotics action in the mammalian brain
300 Nirmala Arul Rayan Jun 06, 2024
Glucose derived carbon nanosphere (CSP) conjugated TTK21, an activator of the histone acetyltransferases CBP/p300, ameliorates amyloid-beta 1-42 induced deficits in plasticity and associativity in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons
10 madavan vasudevan Jun 02, 2024
Transcriptomic analysis of the spiral ganglion from hearing and aminoglycoside deafened rats
12 Steven Haym Green Jun 01, 2024
Transcriptome comparison between Old vs young rat retinae
18 Yuanyuan Chen May 31, 2024
Silencing of mt-tRF-LeuTAA fragment in pancreatic rat islets and investigation by RNA-sequencing of the downstream mechanisms activated by this fragment
12 Cecile Jacovetti May 14, 2024
Microbial short-chain fatty acids regulate drug seeking and transcriptional control in a model of cocaine seeking.
20 Drew Kiraly May 01, 2024
Single-nucleus transcriptomic sequencing of aging hypothalamus treated with 17a-estradiol
3 Yinchuan Li May 01, 2024
The prenatal nicotine exposure leads to epigenetic alterations in nervous system signaling genes in the rat [RNA-seq]
6 Fatima SMAGULOVA Apr 26, 2024
The prenatal nicotine exposure leads to epigenetic alterations in nervous system signaling genes in the rat
13 Fatima SMAGULOVA Apr 26, 2024
Maternal antioxidant treatment prevents behavioural and neurological changes in offspring exposed to prenatal social stress [RNA-seq]
12 Hannah Scott Apr 22, 2024
RNA-sequencing in rat ventral tegmental area (VTA) following chronic ethanol and withdrawal
18 Subhash C Pandey Feb 15, 2024
Methylone is a rapid-acting neuroplastogen with less off-target activity than MDMA
36 Jennifer Warner-Schmidt Jan 18, 2024
RNA sequencing of iAM-1 cells at different stages during one cycle of differentiation and subsequent dedifferentiation
36 Pim van Gorp Jan 13, 2024
RNA sequencing of necrotic core and non-necrotic rim of tumors from 4T1 cell xenografts into rat
18 Kevin J Cheung Jan 01, 2024
Targeting GPX4-mediated ferroptosis alleviates liver injury in a rat model of intestinal failure-associated liver disease
11 Siyang Cheng Jan 01, 2024
Angptl-7 knockdown RNA sequencing of 4T1 orthotopic transplants into rat mammary fat pads
14 Kevin J Cheung Jan 01, 2024