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Subgenome-specific usage of transposable element-derived promoters and enhancers in bread wheat development
56 yijing zhang Oct 12, 2023
Nascent transcriptomic landscape in bread wheat detected Pol II-dependent enhancer transcription
9 yijing zhang Apr 06, 2022
Distinct chromatin signatures and transcriptional landscape of functional genetic elements in allohexaploid wheat
27 yijing zhang Jun 17, 2021
An atlas of wheat epigenetic regulatory elements reveals subgenome-divergence in the regulation of development and stress responses
124 yijing zhang Feb 04, 2021
Homology-mediated inter-chromosomal interactions in hexaploid wheat lead to specific subgenome territories following polyploidization and introgression
9 yijing zhang Nov 30, 2020
Distinct chromatin signitures of promoters, enhancers and transposons in allohexaploid wheat
18 yijing zhang Jun 21, 2019
de novo re-construction of the core genome from ChIP-Seq for large-genome organisms
26 yijing zhang May 27, 2018