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ISRH-seq: a sensitive and robust methodology for R-loop profiling
18 Wu Jing May 16, 2024
aChIP: efficient, sensitive, robust ChIP-seq for economically important plant organs [ChIP-Seq]
152 Wenying Zhong Apr 28, 2024
aChIP: efficient, sensitive, robust ChIP-seq for economically important plant organs
160 Wenying Zhong Apr 28, 2024
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Two Rice Genotypes with Varying Tolerance to Salt Stress
10 Muhammad Ramzan Khan Apr 15, 2024
ABERRANT PANICLE ORGANIZATION2 controls multiple steps in panicle formation through common direct-target genes
8 Yiling Miao Apr 09, 2024
Polysome bound mRNA Seq analysis of tolerant (APO) and susceptible (IR64) variety of Oryza sativa cv. Indica under 50% drought
12 Ramu Vemanna Mar 20, 2024
Single-cell RNA-seq of rice roots grown in gel, non-compacted soil and compacted soil conditions
14 Philip Benfey Feb 01, 2024
Stomatal Development and Gene Expression in Rice Florets
36 Julie E Gray Jan 23, 2024
Effect of Heat Stress on Gene Expression of ZH11 and grp3/grp162 Double Mutants
12 闯 杨 Jan 01, 2024
Oryza sativa ssp. japonica (Kitaake) stressed by cold stress (5°C, 24 h) targeted to leaves (C-L), roots (C-R) or the whole plant (C), and exposed to previous acclimation (15°C, 12 h)
46 Karel Muller Jan 01, 2024
Single nuclei sequencing reveals C4 photosynthesis is based on rewiring of ancestral cell identity networks
62 Joseph R Ecker Dec 05, 2023
Life-cycle multiomics of rice shoots reveals growth stage-specific effects of drought stress and time-lag drought responses
576 FUMIYUKI SOMA Nov 30, 2023
Transcriptome profile of rice genotypes ZH11 and Oseds1 by inoculation with Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
6 Yiming wang Nov 25, 2023
The OsSRO1c-OsDREB2B complex senses low temperatures to confer cold tolerance via direct regulation of COLD1 in rice
9 Dan Hu Nov 19, 2023
SHORT-ROOT 1 is critical to cell division and tracheary element development in rice roots
6 yadi xing Nov 11, 2023
Characterization of rice-yellow stem borer interaction
8 Ramesh Venkata Sonti Oct 15, 2023
A naturally de novo-evolved gene contributes to rice grain shape difference between indica and japonica
9 Rujia Chen Aug 20, 2023
Chemo- versus immuno-precipitation of G-quadruplex-DNA (G4- DNA): a direct comparison of the efficiency of the antibody BG4 versus the small-molecule ligands TASQs for G4 affinity capture
10 zhenyu luo Aug 10, 2023
OsbHLH002-OSH1 module orchetrates the secondary cell wall formation in rice (ChIP-Seq)
2 Yang lijia Jul 31, 2023
A lignin-derived material improves plant nutrient bioavailability and growth through its metal chelating capacity
6 Qiang Liu Jul 04, 2023