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Transciptomic signature of chronic antibody-mediated kidney rejection traited by extracorporeal photopheresis
16 frédéric leprêtre Feb 28, 2024
Trancriptome profiling of genome-edited 16HBE cells on the receptor tyrosine kinase MET in response to HGF
16 frédéric leprêtre Nov 16, 2023
Double ratio of microRNA signatures as promising diagnosis biomarkers for mucinous borderline and malignant ovarian tumors
6 frédéric leprêtre Oct 19, 2023
Comparative analysis of response to treatments and molecular features of tumor- derived organoids versus cell lines and PDX derived from the same clear cell ovarian adenocarcinoma
7 frédéric leprêtre Jul 18, 2023
The Adult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma Cell Line KK1 +/- RhoH Reconstitution
4 frédéric leprêtre Mar 23, 2023
MiRnome profiling of Human bladder cancer line invalidated for the MUC4 gene by ShRNA.
16 frédéric leprêtre Aug 29, 2022
Trancriptome profiling of murine overexpression of p65/RelA mutants
24 frédéric leprêtre Jul 27, 2022
Transcriptome profiling of murine overexpression of p65/RelA mutants II
20 frédéric leprêtre Jul 27, 2022
Transcriptome profiling of murine overexpression of p65/RelA mutants III
17 frédéric leprêtre Jul 27, 2022
Design of a gene signature to analyze the proinflammatory and the profibrotic polarization of murine fibroblasts and validation in an experimental murine model of scleroderma.
15 frédéric leprêtre Jul 20, 2022
IgG from systemic sclerosis patients induce a profibrosing and serotype-dependent phenotype in normal dermal fibroblast: a multi-omics study
20 frédéric leprêtre Jun 07, 2022
Trancriptome profiling of murine lung after pneumococcal respiratory infection, antibiotic administation, and treatment with immunostimulants
24 frédéric leprêtre Jul 29, 2021
Triple-negative breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 +/- CD43 knockdown
4 frédéric leprêtre May 04, 2021
Trancriptome profiling of OAW42-R human ovarian carcinoma cell line after transfection with siRNAs directed against UCA1
8 frédéric leprêtre Apr 21, 2021
Trancriptome profiling of murine Hoxa9-transformed MigA9 cell line treated or not with DB818
3 frédéric leprêtre Feb 01, 2021
Hairy Cell Leukemia Cell Line JOK1 +/- RhoH Reconstitution
4 frédéric leprêtre Jan 03, 2021
RNA differential expression between OAW42 ovarian cancer cells and its chemoresistant counterpart OAW42-R
2 frédéric leprêtre Dec 03, 2020
Trancriptome profiling of human THP-1 knockdown for HOXA9 vs treated with DB1055
20 frédéric leprêtre Nov 13, 2020
Trancriptome profiling of human OCI-AML3 AML cell line stably transfected by pMEP4-Empty or pMEP4-RhoH plasmids, respectively.
4 frédéric leprêtre Aug 03, 2020
Transcriptome profiling of breast cancer cells MDA-MB-231 overexpressing PD-L1 protein
8 frédéric leprêtre Jul 05, 2020