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Molecular characterization of PRM associated endometrial changes, PAEC, following mifepristone treatment.
11 Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu Dec 01, 2018
Modulation of Syndecan-1/4 reduces the invasive potential of endometrioma through TGF-β signalling
42 Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu Oct 06, 2020
An overlooked subset of Cx3cr1wt/wt microglia in the Cx3cr1CreER-Eyfp/wt mouse has a repopulation advantage over Cx3cr1CreER-Eyfp/wt microglia following microglial depletion
32 Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu Feb 01, 2022
Antiprogestins reduce epigenetic field cancerization in breast tissue of young healthy women
32 Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu May 16, 2022
Bromocriptine reduces endometrial cell growth in women with adenomyosis by targeting glucose metabolism
48 Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu Jun 30, 2023
Global transcriptomic analysis of placenta from women with gestational SARS-CoV-2 infection during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy
27 Nageswara Rao Boggavarapu Feb 14, 2024