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Adiposity alters protective mechanisms of progesterone through dysregulation of endometrial metallothionein expression
12 Julie Kim Apr 19, 2024
BRCA1 mutation influences progesterone response in human benign mammary organoids.
24 Julie Kim Dec 10, 2019
Gene expression profile in endometrial organoids cultured in normal follicular phase vs PCOS-like hormone profile
8 Julie Kim Dec 01, 2019
Mechanism of Telapristone acetate (TPA) on Progesterone receptor (PR) action in T47D breast cancer cells
24 Julie Kim Dec 26, 2018
Transcriptional Profiling of Human Endocervical Tissues Reveals Distinct Gene Expression in the Follicular and Luteal Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
12 Julie Kim May 12, 2016