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Fibroblast-derived exosomal microRNA regulates NKX3-1 expression in androgen-sensitive, androgen receptor-dependent prostate cancer cells
4 Satoshi Kondo May 10, 2024
miR-765 induces angiogenesis by inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase 4 and increasing fibroblast growth factor 2
2 Satoshi Kondo May 08, 2024
microRNA profile in the serum of the cervical neoplasia
6 Satoshi Kondo Apr 18, 2024
Exosomal miRNA profile of BNCT treated glioblastoma cells
2 Satoshi Kondo Apr 16, 2024
Exploring the usefulness of urinary microRNA as a biomarker in pancreatic cancer and gastric cancer patients.
3 Satoshi Kondo Apr 01, 2024
Murine MSC cells: Control vs. E8-expressed
1 Satoshi Kondo Mar 13, 2024
mRNA expression profile in wild-type and Lba1 (Trank1) KO bone marrow derived dendritic cell (BMDC) infected with Sendai virus
6 Satoshi Kondo Feb 15, 2024
Single cell analysis revealed that two distinct, unique CD4+ T cell subsets were increased in the small intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes of aged mice
6 Satoshi Kondo Jan 22, 2024
Periostin Upregulated in Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts upon Direct Contact with Cancer Cells Promotes Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression by Enhancing the Migration of Cancer Cells and Stromal Cells
1 Satoshi Kondo Jan 08, 2024
HBV-KMT2B integrated human induced pluripotent stem cells (KMT2B-Int iPSCs) vs heterozygous mutated KMT2B iPSCs (KMT2B-HT iPSCs) vs homozygous mutated KMT2B iPSCs (KMT2B-KO iPSCs) vs their original iPSCs (KMT2B-WT iPSCs)
4 Satoshi Kondo Nov 15, 2023
miR-709 exerts an angiogenic effect through an FGF2 upregulation induced by a GSK3B downregulation
2 Satoshi Kondo Nov 14, 2023
Lung regeneration with rat fetal lung implantation and promotion of alveolar stem cell differentiation by corticosteroids
15 Satoshi Kondo Oct 01, 2023
MicroRNAs as predictors for postoperative outcome in patients with limited stage neuroendocrine carcinoma of the esophagus
22 Satoshi Kondo Aug 30, 2023
Murine colonic epithelial cells: Trabid(Zranb1) C443S hetero knock-in mouse (KI/+) vs. homo knock-in mouse (KI/KI)
1 Satoshi Kondo May 24, 2023
Serum miRNA as Potential Biomarkers for ovarian cancer
2 Satoshi Kondo Apr 27, 2023
Gene Expression Changes in Soleus Muscle in Mice after Pericytes-Deletion
1 Satoshi Kondo Apr 26, 2023
mRNA expression profile in HeLa cells that subject to pitavastatin treantment.
4 Satoshi Kondo Mar 29, 2023
In vivo gene expression profile between vermilion and skin
6 Satoshi Kondo Jan 31, 2023
In vivo gene expression profile between vermilion and oral mucosa
6 Satoshi Kondo Jan 31, 2023
The expression profiles of exosomal miRNAs associated with response to anti-PD-1/PD-L1 monotherapy in advanced NSCLC patients.
23 Satoshi Kondo Jan 12, 2023