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ATF3- and ZIKV-dependent transcriptome of A549 cells
12 Morgan A Sammons Jun 30, 2023
Cell type-dependent control of enhancer and p53 transcriptional activity by p63
98 Morgan A Sammons Feb 11, 2019
Context dependent activity of p63-bound gene regulatory elements
12 Morgan A Sammons May 08, 2024
Cut&Run Analysis of ATF4 genomic occupancy in HCT116 colon carcinoma cell lines after treatment with DMSO, etoposide, tunicamycin, or histidinol
24 Morgan A Sammons Aug 20, 2022
RNAseq Analysis of TP53+/+ and TP53-/- HCT116 colon carcinoma cell lines after treatment with p53 or ATF4-activating compounds
30 Morgan A Sammons Aug 20, 2022
Saturating mutagenesis of the GADD45A intron 3 enhancer using STARRseq
7 Morgan A Sammons Mar 12, 2023
p53 binding and chromatin dynamics after etoposide treatment of primary lung fibroblast
11 Morgan A Sammons Jun 19, 2018
p53-bound enhancer elements require locally acting transcription factors
42 Morgan A Sammons Feb 24, 2020