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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterL. Caetano M. Antunes
A metabolomics analysis of Salmonella infection
14 L. Caetano M. Antunes Feb 08, 2011
The effect of antibiotic treatment on the intestinal metabolome
8 L. Caetano M. Antunes Feb 08, 2011
A transcriptome analysis of the Vibrio fischeri LuxR-LuxI regulon
8 L. Caetano M. Antunes Aug 01, 2007
Transcriptome analysis of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium growth in physiological murine bile
2 L. Caetano M. Antunes Nov 10, 2011
A metabolomics analysis of gallbladder lipid droplet formation due to Salmonella infection
9 L. Caetano M. Antunes Aug 23, 2011
Metabolomics reveals phospholipids as important nutrient sources during Salmonella growth in bile in vitro and in vivo
10 L. Caetano M. Antunes Jul 07, 2011