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Polysome profiling experiment in control and VARS-depleted RES M395 melanoma cultures
12 Arnaud Lavergne Apr 16, 2024
Transcriptomic analysis of the pre-optic area and the mediobasal hypothalamus of female rats after perinatal exposure to ketoconazole or diethylstylbestrol
210 Arnaud Lavergne Mar 21, 2023
Identification of an evolutionarily conserved domain in Neurod1 essential for triggering enteroendocrine cell differentiation
23 Arnaud Lavergne Apr 06, 2022
Role of the COP1 E3 ligase in ERalpha signaling
12 Arnaud Lavergne Jan 01, 2022
RNA sequencing analysis of MCF7 cells treated with several combinations of steroids
50 Arnaud Lavergne May 17, 2021
A healthy human liver cell atlas reveals hepatic stellate cell heterogeneity
8 Arnaud Lavergne Apr 26, 2021
Pancreatic and intestinal endocrine cells share common transcriptomic signatures and gene regulatory networks
13 Arnaud Lavergne Aug 01, 2020