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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterBED Remove filterJul 06, 2022
Binding of cyclin D1 with genomic DNA revealed by CHIP-seq in mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs)
2 Xuanmao Jiao Jul 06, 2022
Mismatch repair protein coordinate with SETD2 to activate DNA oxidative damage response and repair in human cells
7 jinlong lu Jul 06, 2022
Asymmetrical forward and reverse developmental trajectories determine molecular programs of B cell antigen receptor editing
77 Mark Maienschein-Cline Jul 06, 2022
ATAC-STARR-seq reveals transcription factor-bound activators and silencers across the chromatin accessible human genome
7 Tyler J Hansen Jul 06, 2022
Biallelic PAX5 mutations cause hypogammaglobulinemia,sensorimotor deficits and autism spectrum disorder
10 Meinrad Busslinger Jul 06, 2022
Transcriptomic impact of PrsA over-expression during fed-batch Bacillus subtilis alpha-amylase fermentation
41 Christian Anthon Jul 06, 2022