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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterBEDGRAPH Remove filterMar 14, 2018
A novel RNA m6A modulator Zc3h13 plays an anchor role in facilitating nuclear RNA methylation and mouse embryonic stem cell self-renewal
34 Ruitu Lyu Mar 14, 2018
Define roles of JMJD1B in mediating histone demethylation and gene expression
35 Juan Du Mar 14, 2018
Dynamics of chromatin marks and the role of JMJD3 during pancreatic endocrine cell fate commitment
258 Cheng-ran Xu Mar 14, 2018
H4K20me3 methyltransferase SMYD5 controls heterochromatin and chromosome integrity during embryonic stem cell differentiation [DNA-seq]
2 Benjamin L Kidder Mar 14, 2018