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ChIP-chip Designs to Interrogate the Xenopus Embryo Genome for Transcription Factor Binding and Epigenetic Regulation
10 Gert Jan Veenstra Dec 17, 2009
CRISPR/Cas9/AAV9-sgRNA Mediated In Vivo Genome Editing Reveals the Indispensability of Myc During Muscle Stem Cells Activation by Remodeling the 3D Chromatin
51 Yingzhe Ding Sep 16, 2021
Mitochondria- and polyribosome-interacting lncRNA sequencing analysis in human embryonic stem cells, iPSCs and fibroblasts
9 Ji-Fan Hu Jun 16, 2023
Potent and uniform fetal hemoglobin induction via base editing
39 Jonanthan Yen Apr 28, 2023
Knock-down of the methyltransferase Kmt6 reliefs H3K27me3 and results in induction of cryptic and otherwise silent secondary metabolite gene clusters in Fusarium fujikuroi
15 Ulrich Guldener Jul 04, 2016
Dynamic BRG1 Recruitment During T Helper Differentiation And Activation Reveals Distal Regulatory Elements
7 Supriyo De Mar 01, 2011
Long-range chromatin contacts reveal a role for the pluripotency and Polycomb networks in genome organization
201 Kathrin Plath Sep 12, 2013
Human nuclear Dicer restricts the deleterious accumulation of endogenous double strand RNA
3 Kinga Kamieniarz-Gdula Apr 10, 2014
Opposing roles for the lncRNA Haunt and its genomic locus in regulating HOXA gene activation during embryonic stem cell differentiation
54 jinlong lu Apr 20, 2015
Striatal genes regulated by super-enhancers and displaying low paused RNAPII are preferentially down-regulated in Huntington’s disease [RNA-seq]
5 Karine Merienne Apr 01, 2015
Genome-wide maps of HES1 binding-site in human chondrogenic cell.
1 Shurei Sugita Aug 02, 2014
Tracking distinct RNA populations using efficient and reversible covalent chemistry
24 Erin Elizabeth Duffy Sep 03, 2015
MBNL Sequestration by Toxic RNAs and RNA Mis-Processing in the Myotonic Dystrophy Brain
39 Maurice Swanson Jul 30, 2015
roX ChIRP-seq in four Drosophila species
35 Kun Qu Jan 25, 2016
Three Dimensional (3D) conformational change of chromatin organization upon RA mediated Hox PG5 induction
12 Tim Roloff Sep 02, 2017
Silencio/CG9754 connects the Piwi-piRNA complex to the cellular heterochromatin machinery
46 Grzegorz Sienski Nov 19, 2015
Synchronized translation programs across cellular compartments
36 Mary T Couvillion May 11, 2016
MicroRNA-offset RNA regulates gene expression and cell proliferation (Small RNA-Seq)
3 Gavin R. Schnitzler Jun 01, 2016
Identification and characterization of Wor4, a new transcriptional regulator of white-opaque switching
12 Matthew Lohse Jan 11, 2016
Temporal DNA methylation analysis (RRBS) for differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells deficient for Zeb2
12 Ruben Dries Oct 20, 2016