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Gene resistance to transcriptional reprogramming following nuclear transfer is directly mediated by multiple chromatin repressive pathways
48 Charles Bradshaw Jun 12, 2017
A high-resolution map of transcriptional repression by Ikaros
18 Thomas Samuel Carroll Jun 12, 2017
The Transcription Factor T-bet Limits Amplification of Type I IFN Transcriptome and Circuitry in T Helper 1 Cells
110 Fred P. Davis Jun 12, 2017
Fetal metabolic programing increases the susceptibility of cardiovascular diseases in the offspring due to maternal high-fat-diet during diabetic pregnancy
32 Moul Dey Jun 12, 2017
Identification of Sc and Esg chromatin-binding sites by ChIP-Seq analysis in progenitor cells of Drosophila midgut
4 huanwei huang Jun 12, 2017
Human genome wide repair map of DNA damage caused by the cigarette smoke carcinogen benzo[a]pyrene
8 Wentao Li Jun 12, 2017