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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterCHP Remove filterJan 01, 2017
Gene expression data from DSS-treated crypts, normal colon crypts and tumor crypts
6 Jeffrey Zhao Jan 01, 2017
Expression data for peripheral human blood leukocytes gene expression
72 Hua Zhou Jan 01, 2017
Expression data comparing BEL7402 HCC cells grown in the presence or absence of 10ng/ml hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)
2 Kin Wah Lee Jan 01, 2017
Affect of Interferon Gamma on Chordoma Cells
6 Jacob Richards Jan 01, 2017
miRNA Expression data from murine hearts of transgenic Clock delta 19/delta 19 mice (Clock mice) and wild type (WT) mice at 4 and 21 months of age
12 Faisal James Alibhai Jan 01, 2017
Expression data from intestinal crypts and stroma of wild type and late generation (4th generation) telomerase-deficient mice
12 Ting-Lin Yang Jan 01, 2017