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ENPP1 deletion and infantile arterial calcification
1 Scott Watkins Jan 26, 2011
COLO320 DNA copy number analysis
1 Keyan Salari Nov 02, 2012
Application of SNP-array for the detection of genomic rearrangements responsible for sindromic mental retardation of unknown cause
1 Francisco Martinez Oct 17, 2014
Genotyping data from one patient with unexplained mental retardation and a deletion in 15q13
2 Michael Bonin Mar 05, 2011
Affymetrix SNP array data for ovarian cancer cells OVCAR-3 and FU-OV-1
2 Jean-Philippe Paul Theurilllat Dec 24, 2010
Genome-wide copy number profiling of MCF-7 and fulvestrant-resistant MCF-7/FR cells by SNP microarray.
2 Todd Miller Aug 19, 2019
The HDAC inhibitor panobinostat acts as a sensitizer for erlotinib activity in EGFR mutated and wildtype NSCLC cells
3 Gabriele Greve Dec 03, 2014
SNP arrays in colorectal adenocarcinoma cell lines
3 Daniele F Condorelli Jun 05, 2024
Affymetrix SNP 6.0 array data for chordoma samples
4 Carina Fischer Jul 12, 2012
SNP array analysis of lung cancer NCI-H1395, diluted to different tumor cell concentrations
4 Anders Isaksson Sep 09, 2011
Copy number variation comparison between control and CC214-2 resistant GBM39 xenografts
4 Paul Mischel Dec 06, 2013
Affymetrix SNP array data for 5q- myelodysplastic syndromes
4 Vera Adema Oct 07, 2014
Copy-number profiling by SNP array of 4 acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cell lines
4 Gabriele Greve Mar 09, 2021
Application of CGH-array and SNP-array for the detection of genomic rearrangements responsible for sindromic mental retardation of unknown cause
5 Francisco Martinez Oct 17, 2014
Affymetrix SNP-array data for splenic diffuse red pulp lymphoma samples
5 Alba Navarro Dec 23, 2017
CNV analysis for Generation of isogenic pluripotent stem cells differing exclusively at two early onset Parkinson point mutations
6 Albert W Cheng Jul 26, 2011
Affymetrix SNP array data for 4 MYC-negative B-cell lymphoma cases and 2 B-cell lymphoma cell lines (SU-DHL-5 and HT)
6 Itziar Salaverria Jan 10, 2014
SNP array analysis on Maffucci tumours
7 Twinkal Chandubhai Pansuriya Jul 19, 2011
CDKN1B encoding the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (p27) is located in the minimally deleted region of 12p abnormalities in myeloid malignancies and its low expression is a favorable prognostic marker in acute myeloid leukemia
7 Hans-Ulrich Klein Dec 16, 2011
Genome wide analysis of tumours in individuals with p53-germline mutations
7 Diana M Merino Jan 19, 2012