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SNP array analysis of lung cancer NCI-H1395, diluted to different tumor cell concentrations
4 Anders Isaksson Sep 09, 2011
The REMBRANDT study – a large collection of genomic data from brain cancer patients [SNP]
1506 Krithika Bhuvaneshwar May 25, 2018
Genotyping data from one patient with unexplained mental retardation and a deletion in 15q13
2 Michael Bonin Mar 05, 2011
SNP arrays in matched diagnosis/remission samples of normal karyotype-acute myeloid leukemia
30 Vincenza Barresi Dec 31, 2010
Genome-wide analysis of Ollier disease: Is it all in the genes?
80 Twinkal Chandubhai Pansuriya Aug 26, 2011
A comprehensive assessment of array-based platforms and calling algorithms for detection of copy number variants
385 Stephen W Scherer Jun 30, 2011
Affymetrix SNP6.0 data for human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), human Fibroblasts, and human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)
42 Samer Hussein Jan 31, 2011
Maffucci tumours
10 Twinkal Chandubhai Pansuriya Jul 19, 2011
ENPP1 deletion and infantile arterial calcification
1 Scott Watkins Jan 26, 2011
Colorectal Cancer Cells
35 Keyan Salari Nov 02, 2012
A Map of Copy Number Variations in Chinese Populations
155 Haiyi Lou Dec 31, 2011
SNP6.0 copy number analysis of eight diffuse large B-cell samples and one matched blood sample
9 Julie Støve Bødker Nov 26, 2012
The self-renewal of gastric cancer stem cells is regulated by a specific collaboration between the microenvironment and the genetic condition.
10 sujin Baek Dec 31, 2016
A recurrent 11q aberration pattern characterizes a subset of MYC-negative mature aggressive B-cell lymphomas resembling Burkitt lymphoma
14 Itziar Salaverria Jan 10, 2014
Genome alterations in human pluripotent stem cells as very early events highly dependent on cell passaging conditions
30 Qiang BAI Jun 01, 2015
Copy number variation comparison between control and CC214-2 resistant GBM39 xenografts
4 Paul Mischel Dec 06, 2013
The distribution of genomic variations in human iPSCs is related to replication timing reorganization during reprogramming [Affymetrix]
14 Hu Li Mar 28, 2014
Application of CGH-array and SNP-array for the detection of genomic rearrangements responsible for sindromic mental retardation of unknown cause
5 Francisco Martinez Oct 17, 2014
The HDAC inhibitor panobinostat acts as a sensitizer for erlotinib activity in EGFR mutated and wildtype NSCLC cells
3 Gabriele Greve Dec 03, 2014
Affymetrix SNP copy number data for embryonic stem cell samples
17 William Freed Dec 17, 2014