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Targeted degradation of CTCF decouples local insulation of chromosome domains from genomic compartmentalization
102 Elphege Nora May 25, 2017
Convergent genes shape budding yeast pericentromeres
55 Daniel Robertson Jan 13, 2020
Condensin II inactivation in interphase does not affect chromatin folding or gene expression
6 Nezar Abdennur May 05, 2019
Hierarchical enhancers 1 confer the temporal and partially compensatory transcriptional regulation of Nkx2-5 during heart development
37 Yaxi Liu Jul 03, 2022
A chromosomal loop anchor mediates bacterial genome organization
30 Gaurav Dugar Nov 14, 2021
Non-coding genetic variation in GATA3 increases acute lymphoblastic leukemia risk through local and global changes in chromatin conformation
74 Yu Luan Sep 13, 2021
Stage-resolved genome architecture maps throughout meiotic prophase link regional variations in chromosome organization with homolog alignment (Hi-C, Cut&Tag, RNA-seq)
22 Qian Bian Aug 25, 2021
NFI transcription factors regulate zonal olfactory receptor expression
237 Elizaveta Bashkirova Jun 14, 2023
RIF1 is necessary to maintain the global epigenetic state in human cells.
156 David M Gilbert Apr 26, 2021
Mesomelic Dysplasias Associated With The HOXD Locus Are Caused By Regulatory Reallocations
23 Lucille Lopez-Delisle Jul 20, 2021
Targeting P300/CBP reveals discrete regulation of transcription and chromatin accessibility by histone acetylation
135 Simon J Hogg May 11, 2021
Granulosa cell mevalonate pathway abnormalities contribute to oocyte meiotic defects and aneuploidy
97 Qian Bian Feb 26, 2023
Tcf1 preprograms glycolysis mobilization in central memory CD8+ T cells in recall response
23 Haihui Xue Nov 10, 2021
Cumulative in-cis mutagenesis in vivo reveals various functions for CTCF sites at the mouse Hoxd cluster
86 Lucille Lopez-Delisle Oct 05, 2021
MCM complexes are barriers that restrict cohesin-mediated loop extrusion
115 Bart Johan H Dequeker Mar 07, 2022
Super-sized clustered loops anchored at transposon Helitrons in Xenopus tropicalis sperm associate with late gene expression during embryogenesis
67 Chuihui Hou Jan 26, 2023
TAD Evolutionary and functional characterization reveals diversity in mammalian TAD boundary properties and function
85 Mariam Okhovat Oct 20, 2023
SATB1 Regulates 3D Genome Architecture in T cells by Constraining Chromatin Interactions surrounding CTCF-binding sites
36 bao wang Mar 05, 2023
Integrative analysis of genomic structural variants in human leukemia
119 Jian Xu Apr 21, 2023
Integrated epigenomic analysis identifies structural alterations associated with oncogenic gene expression in liposarcoma
71 Feng Yue Mar 03, 2023