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Capturing the dynamics of genome replication on individual ultra-long nanopore sequence reads
21 Conrad A Nieduszynski Mar 29, 2019
Comprehensive Tissue Transcriptome of Bombina orientalis
28 Taejoon Kwon Dec 27, 2020
Alpha-tocopherol exerts protective function against the mucotoxicity of particulate matter in amphibian and human goblet cells
16 Taejoon Kwon Dec 27, 2020
Genome wide mapping of Nr1d1 (Reverb α) binding sites in Th1 (T-helper type 1) cells
5 Pawan Gupta Dec 30, 2022
Mouse Smartseq3 Data from Mold et al. Clonally Heritable Gene Expression Imparts a Layer of Diversity in Cell Types
1 Carl-Johan Wilheard Torkel Eriksson Feb 14, 2024
mRNA sequence data of individual Drosophila melanogaster male and female flies from 16 Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel lines reared in replicated environments
851 Brian Oliver Dec 21, 2015
Strand-specific Dual RNA-seq of Bronchial Epithelial cells Infected with Influenza A/H3N2 Viruses Reveals Splicing of Gene Segment 6 and Novel Host-Virus Interactions
36 Andrew J Oler May 25, 2018
Transcriptomics and Metabolomics of 10 - 28 day post anthesis cotton fiber from Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium barbadense
30 Candace Hope Haigler Jun 26, 2015
Next generation sequencing reveals gene transcription activities and alternative splicing events in germinating barley embryos
8 Qisen Zhang Feb 18, 2016
Gigaspora rosea gene regulation in early steps of AMF-plant symbiosis
12 Christophe Roux Mar 07, 2016
An ancient symbiotic fungal gene network revealed by comparative transcriptomics [Grosea_symbiotic_tissues]
9 Christophe Roux Mar 07, 2016
roX ChIRP-seq in four Drosophila species
35 Kun Qu Jan 25, 2016
Deep sequencing reveals mRNA recruitment in translation initiation
28 Xiao-Dong Su Jul 27, 2016
Transcriptome analysis of 100-day fetal skin revealing the differences of skin pigmentation in goats
6 Hangxing Ren Jun 11, 2016
De novo transcriptome assembly and comparative analysis elucidate complicated mechanism regulating Astragalus chrysochlorus response to selenium stimuli
2 Ozgur Cakir Sep 20, 2015
Comparing regeneration and fibrosis using Acomys and Mus
10 Ashley Seifert Mar 17, 2016
The olfactory transcriptome and progression of sexual maturation in homing chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta
12 Ron P Dirks Aug 27, 2015
Salt-responsive differential gene expression analysis by RNA sequencing in the roots of a mangrove Avicennia officinalis
4 Prakash P Kumar Sep 14, 2017
Amino acid catabolism fuels microalgal lipogenesis
6 Lina Yao Oct 24, 2016
Genome-wide screening and characterization of long non-coding RNAs involved in flowering development of citrus (Poncirus trifoliata L. Raf.) by RNA sequencing
6 jin zhi zhang Jun 12, 2017