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Expression data from rice leaves treated or not with fungal elicitors and high-throughput pyrosequencing of endogenous small RNAs from Oryza sativa
20 Sonia Campo Jan 15, 2014
The BEN domain is a novel sequence-specific DNA binding domain conserved in neural transcriptional repressors
10 Jakub Orzechowski Westholm Apr 04, 2013
Transcriptional regulation of germinal center B and plasma cell fates by dynamical control of IRF4
41 Mark Maienschein-Cline May 04, 2013
PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint and p53 loss facilitate tumor progression in activated B cell diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
33 SERGIO ROA Apr 19, 2019
Genome-wide Measurement of RNA Secondary Structure in Yeast
7 Michael Kertesz Aug 24, 2010
ENCODE Caltech RNA-seq
36 ENCODE DCC Jul 30, 2010
A Genome-Wide Characterization of New and Drought Stress Responsive MicroRNAs in Populus euphratica
2 Bosheng Li Apr 25, 2011
Using RNA-Seq for gene identification, polymorphism detection and transcript profiling in two alfalfa genotypes with divergent cell wall composition in stems
6 Sam Yang Apr 21, 2011
Expressed sequences and polymorphisms in rohu carp (Labeo rohita, Hamilton) revealed by mRNA-seq
2 Matthew Baranski Jan 01, 2013
Evolutionary conservation of phototransduction and clock gene expression in the cave beetle Ptomaphagus hirtus (Coleoptera, Leiodidae)
1 Bryce Daines Mar 19, 2011
DCP5, a highly conserved P-body-nucleating protein, regulates multiple small RNA-mediated silencing pathways in Arabidopsis (RNA-seq)
4 Qi Zheng Aug 16, 2013
DCP5, a highly conserved P-body-nucleating protein, regulates multiple small RNA-mediated silencing pathways in Arabidopsis
6 Qi Zheng Aug 16, 2013
An RNA-Seq Transcriptome Analysis of Orthophosphate-Deficient White Lupin Reveals Novel Insights into Phosphorus Acclimation in Plants
12 Sam Yang Nov 29, 2012
The primary transcriptome of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) chloroplasts
4 Konrad U. Förstner Nov 23, 2011
Transcriptomic changes in aquaporin PIP1;2 deficient Arabodposis plants
2 Marlies Heckwolf Jan 10, 2015
Testing the limits of 454 pyrotag sequencing: reproducibility, quantitative assessment and comparison to T-RFLP fingerprinting of aquifer microbes
21 Giovanni Pilloni Jul 16, 2012
Genome, Functional Gene Annotation, and Nuclear Transformation of the Heterokont Oleaginous Alga Nannochloropsis oceanica CCMP1779
2 Guangxi Wu Apr 04, 2012
Genomic dissection of small RNAs in wild rice (O.rufipogon): lessons for rice domestication
4 Yan chenghai Aug 10, 2012
The genomic foundation of heterotrophy to photoautotrophy transition in Oleaginous Chlorella
18 Jianhua Fan Nov 02, 2015
Transcriptome analysis of Dunaliella viridis in response to changes in light duration and temperature
88 Brian Howard Apr 27, 2015