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Acquired semi-squamalization during chemotherapy suggests a differentiation therapy for bladder cancer
42 Xaingyu Pan Jul 09, 2022
EOFAD-causing mutations in psen1 orchestrate dedifferentiation through remodeling of the chromatin landscape in hiPSC-derived neurons
48 Shankar Subramaniam Nov 13, 2020
Discordance between chromatin accessibility and transcriptional activity during the human primed-to-naïve pluripotency transition process
48 Tu zhi fen Oct 28, 2023
Dissecting the Role of H3K27 Acetylation and Methylation in PRC2 Mediated Control of Cellular Identity
50 Diego Pasini Feb 28, 2019
KMT2C Loss Promotes Small Cell Lung Cancer Metastasis through DNMT3A-mediated Epigenetic Reprogramming
55 Xaingyu Pan Feb 23, 2022
CD4+ T cells From Children With Active Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Show Altered Chromatin Features Associated With Transcriptional Abnormalities
70 Tao Liu Jan 05, 2021
Epigenetic therapies in ovarian cancer alter repetitive element expression in a TP53-dependent manner
109 James McDonald Aug 20, 2021
Cistromic reprogramming of the diurnal glucocorticoid hormone response by high fat diet
176 Nina Henriette Uhlenhaut Oct 21, 2019
Transcriptional and Chromatin Dynamics of Muscle Regneration after Severe Trauma
332 Darrell Orlyn Ricke Sep 26, 2017