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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterH5 Remove filterDec 01, 2023
Single cell RNA sequencing of mouse male and female liver cells with and without acetaminophen-induced injury
4 Pushpinder Bawa Dec 01, 2023
Molecular characterization of aged human eccrine gland cells using single-cell transcriptomic analysis
3 DUERNA TIE Dec 01, 2023
Multiomics analysis of immune-related adverse events in melanoma patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors
12 Phil Fang Cheng Dec 01, 2023
Single-cell transcriptomics reveal the dynamic of cancer stem-like cells during cholangiocarcinoma progression
15 Margaret Cam Dec 01, 2023
Gene expression profie at single cell level of lung cells in healthy rats and rats with pulmonary hypertension treated with sham-stimulation or ultrasound
4 Stefanos Zafeiropoulos Dec 01, 2023
Gene expression profile of bone marrow cells from Ogfrl1 deficient mouse at single cell level
2 Yasuyoshi Ueki Dec 01, 2023
The identification of Ogfrl1 expressing cells in jawbone tissue
1 Yasuyoshi Ueki Dec 01, 2023
Distinct mesenchymal cell states mediate prostate cancer progression [Spatial Transcriptomics]
2 Mohamed Omar Dec 01, 2023
Transcriptomic Analysis Identifies B-Lymphocyte Kinase as a Therapeutic Target for Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor Cancer Stem Cell-Like Cells [scRNA-seq]
2 Sean Bong Lee Dec 01, 2023