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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMTX Remove filterSep 15, 2022
APOE modulates microglial immunometabolism in response to age, amyloid pathology, and inflammatory challenge
32 Lance A Johnson Sep 15, 2022
Long primed germinal centers with enduring affinity maturation and clonal migration
24 Shane Crotty Sep 15, 2022
Reprogramming Muller glia to regenerate ganglion-like cells in adult mouse retina with developmental transcription factors.
8 Thomas Reh Sep 15, 2022
Single cell RNA sequencing of bone marrow from ground or running mice
2 1 1 Sep 15, 2022
Single-cell sequencing reveals effects of chemotherapy on the immune landscape and TCR/BCR clonal expansion in a relapsed ovarian cancer patient
8 Yunshan Ning Sep 15, 2022