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Single-cell transcriptional profiling of advanced renal fibrosis identifies novel specific fibroblast marker and disease target
11 Steve Potter Jun 14, 2023
A subset of pro-inflammatory spiny mice macrophages promotes a regenerative phenotype in mouse fibroblasts
10 Steve Potter Oct 23, 2023
Olig2 Defines a Unique Subset of Neural Stem Cells That Produce Specific Olfactory Bulb Interneuron Subtypes in the Subventricular Zone of Postnatal and Adult Mice
6 Steve Potter Feb 18, 2022
Single-cell sequencing dissects the transcriptional identity of activated fibroblasts and identifies novel persistent distal tubular injury patterns in kidney
6 Steve Potter Jun 14, 2023
Physical interactions between Gsx2 and Ascl1 balance progenitor expansion versus neurogenesis in the mouse lateral ganglionic eminence
2 Steve Potter Mar 11, 2020
A single cell host/pathogen transcriptome atlas of the HPV16 infected epidermis identifies a novel differentiation-dissonant keratinocyte population implicated in cancer
2 Steve Potter Jan 23, 2023
Injured Mus and Acomys ear tissues at day0 were analyzed using 10X single-cell rna-seq
2 Steve Potter Jan 23, 2023
Hedgehog signaling patterns the oral-aboral axis of the mandibular arch
1 Steve Potter Jan 25, 2019
Il-1/MyD88-Dependent G-CSF and IL-6 Secretion Mediates Post Burn Anemia
1 Steve Potter Jan 29, 2023