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Insights into the Biology of Hearing and Deafness Revealed by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing
144 Paul T Ranum Mar 12, 2019
Capturing the dynamics of genome replication on individual ultra-long nanopore sequence reads
21 Conrad A Nieduszynski Mar 29, 2019
ENCODE Caltech RNA-seq
36 ENCODE DCC Jul 30, 2010
Alternative cleavage and polyadenylation generates downstream uncapped RNA isoforms with translation potential
70 Pierre-Rene Körner Aug 26, 2022
Endo-siRNAs in C. elegans spermatogenesis and their requirement for the RdRP RRF-3
5 Sam Guoping Gu Jan 13, 2010
Comprehensive assembly and spatio-temporal analysis of the C. elegans 3' UTRome through isolation and sequencing of 3'UTRs in germline-dereived cell types and somatic tissues.
4 Ryan Mills Nov 04, 2011
Transcriptome sequencing to systematically detect trans-splicing in human embryonic stem cells
3 Chan-Shuo Wu Feb 03, 2014
Global Changes in Chlamydomonas Gene Expression Regulated by Carbon Dioxide and CIA5/CCM1
6 Martin H. Spalding Aug 10, 2012
Targeted RT-PCR assays spanning unannotated splice junctions sequenced by Roche 454.
3 Julien Lagarde Jun 26, 2012
Retention of CD19 intron 2 contributes to CART-19 resistance in leukemias with subclonal frameshift mutations in CD19
1 Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko May 19, 2020
Cas13d-mediated isoform-specific RNA knockdown with a unified computational and experimental toolbox [LR-RNA-Seq]
7 Megan D Schertzer Sep 13, 2023