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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterRDS Remove filterDec 01, 2023
Single-cell analysis reveals dynamic changes of A549 cells in monolayer, A549 xenografts in nude mice, and xenografts after exposure to dacomitinib
4 Yu Yangziwei Dec 01, 2023
Longitudinal monitoring of BRAFV600-mutant melanoma patients on treatment reveals specific macrophage population mediating targeted therapy resistance
14 Phil Fang Cheng Dec 01, 2023
ARID1B controls transcriptional programs of axon projection in an organoid model of the human corpus callosum
25 Maria Novatchkova Dec 01, 2023
Sperm chromatin accessibility's involvement in the intergenerational effects of stress hormone receptor activation
10 Faiza Noreen Dec 01, 2023