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Time resolved transcriptome of isolated biofilm cells compared with planktonic cells
14 Anne de Jong Jun 09, 2018
The cold shock response of Bacillus subtilis analyzed by RNA-sequencing: YplP regulates pyruvate transport at low temperatures
9 Anne de Jong Mar 12, 2018
The 3’UTR of ArgR regulates the arc operon
16 Anne de Jong Oct 01, 2018
Target identification of the cold stress induced sRNA CisR in Lactococcus lactis
8 Anne de Jong Jun 19, 2018
Pathogen-pathogen interactions, a way to soothe virulence?
64 Anne de Jong Feb 22, 2020
G-quadruplex DNA as a target for pathogenic bacteria: efficacy of an extended naphthalene diimide ligand and mode of action
8 Anne de Jong Dec 10, 2022
Differential gene expression of S. aureus 04-02981 (MRSA) on exposure to AGXX®
17 Anne de Jong Feb 28, 2018
Analysis of differential gene expression during Bacillus subtilis spore outgrowth
112 Anne de Jong Mar 08, 2018
Analyses of competent and non‐competent subpopulations of Bacillus subtilis reveal yhfW, yhxC and ncRNAs as novel players in competence
12 Anne de Jong Apr 30, 2021