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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterApr 03, 2018
Epigenetic profiling of OVA-specific CD8+ TILs from mice treated with control, anti-B7S1, anti-PD-1 or anti-B7S1+anti-PD-1 antibodies
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Chen Dong Apr 03, 2018
Gene Enrichment Analysis Reveals Major Regulators of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Gene Expression in Two Models of Antibiotic Tolerance
22 Petros Constantine Karakousis Apr 03, 2018
PTCD1 is required for 16S rRNA maturation complex stability and mitochondrial ribosome assembly
12 Irina Kuznetsova Apr 03, 2018
Impaired chloroplast biogenesis causes color variation between two varieties/cultivars of Chinese orchid (Cymbidium longibracteatum)
2 Yu NMN Jiang Apr 03, 2018
BEARscc: robustness of single-cell clusters determined using simulated technical replicates
93 Benjamin Schuster-Böckler Apr 03, 2018
Transcriptome Analysis of Tendon Derived Stem Cells (TDSCs) Isolated from WT and CFTRΔF508 Mice
3 Gang LI Apr 03, 2018
Deciphering the dynamic transcriptional and post-transcriptional networks of macrophages in the healthy heart and after myocardial injury [RNA-seq]
12 Fatima Sanchez-Cabo Apr 03, 2018
Analysis of differential gene expression in the Streptococcus sanguinis SK36 treated with heat shock for 3 periods of time
12 Fadi Elias El-Rami Apr 03, 2018
MALT1 Inhibition Is Efficacious in Both Naïve and Ibrutinib-Resistant Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.
6 Nakhle Saba Apr 03, 2018
An integrated flow cytometry-based platform for isolation and molecular characterization of circulating tumor single cells and clusters
43 Erica Carpenter Apr 03, 2018
Global gene expression profile of primary cultured keratinocytes with or without stimulation
4 Chen Dong Apr 03, 2018
Differential Regulation of Genes Involved in Root Morphogenesis and Cell Wall Modification is Associated with Salinity Tolerance in Chickpea
24 Nitin Mantri Apr 03, 2018
Global gene expression profile of CD8+ TILs from WT and B7S1 KO mice
15 Chen Dong Apr 03, 2018
Novel Protective Role of Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase in Acetaminophen-induced Acute Liver Injury in Mice
17 Shui Q Ye Apr 03, 2018
Functional studies of missense TREM2 mutations in human stem cell-derived microglia
11 Sabine Dietmann Apr 03, 2018
Transcriptomic analysis of human tonsillar TFH subsets
8 Vinay Mahajan Apr 03, 2018
Bioinformatics analysis of transcriptome related to blood stasis syndrome in diabetes mellitus patients
6 Ruixue Chen Apr 03, 2018
Bioinformatics analysis of microRNAs related to blood stasis syndrome in diabetes mellitus patients
6 Ruixue Chen Apr 03, 2018
Transcriptome of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) nectaries and leaf
24 Marshall Hampton Apr 03, 2018