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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterMay 09, 2017
A Network Approach of Gene Co-Expression in the Zea mays/Aspergillus flavus Pathosystem to Map Host/Pathogen Interaction Pathways
22 Bryan Manyasi Musungu May 09, 2017
Transposon mutagenesis of the Zika virus genome highlights regions essential for RNA replication and restricted for immune evasion
10 Peter Palese May 09, 2017
Interferon receptor signaling pathways regulating PD-L1 and PD-L2 expression
10 Willy Hugo May 09, 2017
RNA-seq analysis of blood transcriptomes from managed bottlenose dolphins in Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA
5 Jeanine Morey May 09, 2017
Cooperation between a hierarchical set of recruitment sites specifically targets the C. elegans dosage compensation complex to the X chromosomes.
82 Sarah Elizabeth Albritton May 09, 2017
12hr 5-FU treatment vs. DMSO in SJSA cells (from 'A kinase independent role for CDK19 in p53 response')
8 Dylan Taatjes May 09, 2017
Compute the Significant Interactions of Hi-C data through HOMER
hebing chen May 09, 2017
Precise integration of inducible transcriptional elements (PrIITE) enables absolute control of inducible gene expression.
9 Lars Hansen May 09, 2017
Controlling a Necessary Evil: Quorum Sensing Attenuates Virulence in Sodalis praecaptivus.
15 Shin Enomoto May 09, 2017
Epigenomic Atlas of Early Human Craniofacial Development
2 Justin Cotney May 09, 2017
Flower development and sex determination in Vernicia fordii
6 Lifang Wu May 09, 2017
Integrative analysis unveils new functions for the Drosophila Cutoff protein in non-coding RNA biogenesis and gene regulation
17 Yuri Pritykin May 09, 2017
RNA-Seq Reveals Age- and Species Differences of CAR-targeted Drug-Processing Genes in Liver
24 lihua cheng May 09, 2017
Tailing and degradation of Argonaute-bound small RNAs protect the genome from uncontrolled RNAi
30 Mario Halic May 09, 2017
RNAseq changes in mouse skin after treatment with external light
2 Mai-Yi Fan May 09, 2017
The transcription factor Gli3 promotes B cell development in the fetal liver through repression of Shh
6 Tessa Crompton May 09, 2017
Human RELA haploinsufficiency results in autosomal dominant chronic mucocutaneous ulceration: the transcriptional profile of RelA haploinsufficient patients
14 Janet Chou May 09, 2017
SET1A/COMPASS and shadow enhancers in the regulation of homeotic gene expression
193 Ali Shilatifard May 09, 2017