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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterJun 12, 2017
Identification of microRNAs in response to blue light irridiation by high-throughput sequencing in Saccharina japonica
2 Wei Li Jun 12, 2017
Effects of narciclasine treatment on major metabolic organs of C57BL/6 mice
12 Wei Xie Jun 12, 2017
H3K9ac occupancy of Nedd4- or control-knockdown Hep3B cells
6 Xian Zhang Jun 12, 2017
Multiple targeted metabolic effects of an oriental herb medicine “Taeeumjowuitang” with transcriptional response in diet-induced obesity; comparison with green tea extract
12 Ji-Young Choi Jun 12, 2017
ChIP-seq verifiy KDM3B recruitment on Wnt target gene promoters
6 Cunyu Wang Jun 12, 2017
Globally construct ceRNA regulation network based on comparison with SHEE and SHEEC cell lines (RNA-Seq)
2 Jiachun Sun Jun 12, 2017
Total RNA sequencing of ovary tissues at 49 days post coitus in Large White and Meishan pigs.
6 Zhonglin Tang Jun 12, 2017
Trascriptome of thyroid cancer-induced macrophages
16 Joachim Schultze Jun 12, 2017
The role of Sgf73 occupancy
5 Albert R. La Spada Jun 12, 2017
Sequencing of synthetic small RNAs hsa-miR-34b-5p, hsa-miR-449c-5p and their isomir variant
6 Kevin Lebrigand Jun 12, 2017
Analysis of Human Airway epithelial cells transcriptome after transfection of small RNAs from miR-34/449 family
9 Kevin Lebrigand Jun 12, 2017
Lsd1 ChIP-Seq in trophoblast stem cells
2 Maria Josefina Castex Jun 12, 2017
Trophoblast stem cells (TSC) global transcriptome in stemness conditions after treatment with Lsd1 inhibitor or induction of Lsd1 depletion [RNA-seq]
4 Maria Josefina Castex Jun 12, 2017
Specific and novel human microRNAs are regulated as response to fungal infection
31 Andreas Dix Jun 12, 2017
Integrator complex subunit 12 is a key regulator of human protein synthesis pathways
27 Alexander Kheirallah Jun 12, 2017
Transcriptome profiling of resistant NIL (PB1+Pi9) and susceptible rice line (PB1) 24 hours after M oryzae inoculation
12 T R Sharma Jun 12, 2017
PNET animal model: new insights
3 Yingtao Bi Jun 12, 2017
Grapevine grafting: scion transcript profiling and defense-related metabolites induced by different rootstocks.
15 Andrea Minio Jun 12, 2017
Hepatic transcriptome in CUGBP1 S302A knock-in mice highlights CUGBP1 degradation by Gankyrin through diethylnitrosamine (DEN) activation, leading to fatty liver and liver cancer
12 Rebekah Karns Jun 12, 2017
Identification of Sc and Esg chromatin-binding sites by ChIP-Seq analysis in progenitor cells of Drosophila midgut
4 huanwei huang Jun 12, 2017