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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterNov 24, 2020
Early commitment in the steady state programs antigen specific CD4+ T cells for subsequent effector differentiation
18 Daniel Hawiger Nov 24, 2020
Early commitment in the steady state programs antigen specific CD4+ T cells for subsequent effector differentiation [12hRNA]
9 Daniel Hawiger Nov 24, 2020
RiboMeth-seq data from Pyrococcus furiosus
2 Nicolai Krogh Nov 24, 2020
RNA-seq data exhibit distinct colonic function in colonic tissues
10 shimeng Huang Nov 24, 2020
Iron Deficiency Triggered Transcriptome Changes in Bread Wheat
12 Meng Wang Nov 24, 2020
Influence of histone lysine demethylase JMJD2-specific inhibition on the senescence-associated secretory phenotype developed in human stromal cells upon DNA damage
9 Yu Sun Nov 24, 2020
iCLIP analysis of RNA substrates of the archaeal exosome (iCLIP)
6 Gabriele Klug Nov 24, 2020
Behavioral and neurogenomic responses to acoustic and visual sexual cues are correlated in female torrent frogs
15 Longhui Zhao Nov 24, 2020
Characterization of prostate cancer cell expression profile upon treatment with extracellular vesicles derived from senescent stromal cells in the tumor microenvironment
12 Yu Sun Nov 24, 2020
Transcriptional response in ileum tissue from wild-type and Fat1+/- male mice
16 Eric Christian Rouchka Nov 24, 2020
Evolved differences in cis and trans regulation between the maternal and zygotic mRNA complements in the Drosophila embryo
63 Susan E. Lott Nov 24, 2020
RNAseq for Nestin+ bone marrow stromal cells in normal and MLL-AF9 mice
14 Irina Mohorianu Nov 24, 2020
mRNA profiles of tumor infiltrating macrophage and monocyte derived from C3 wild-type and knock-out mice, subjected to sarcoma transplantable model
16 sarah natalia mapelli Nov 24, 2020
HIF1α/HIF2α-miR210-3p network promotes glioblastoma proliferation and tumorigenesis through EGFR-PI3K/AKT signaling pathway with a positive feedback
15 liao bin Nov 24, 2020
RNA extracted from the left ventricle of 3 different mouse heart disease models, wild type, mdx, and mdx sln+/- hearts
8 Gopal J. Babu Nov 24, 2020
Circadian Cryptochrome 1 (CRY1) Rhythmically Modulates the DNA Damage Response [RNA-seq]
8 Ayesha Shafi Nov 24, 2020
The effect of CDK6 expression on the murine transcriptome
6 Gerwin Heller Nov 24, 2020
Transcriptional changes in in vitro treated OVCAR3 cells with non-specific IgG and IgA and Specific IgA antibodies
18 Chia-Ho Cheng Nov 24, 2020
Sperm miRNAs - potential mediators of bull age and early embryo development
12 Marc-André Sirard Nov 24, 2020
Single cell transcriptomics reveals lineage trajectory of the retinal ganglion cells in wild-type and Atoh7-null retinas
7 Xiuqian Mu Nov 24, 2020