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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterFeb 26, 2019
Characterization of molecular changes at meiotic initiation in mice
19 Mina L Kojima Feb 26, 2019
Chromatin accessibility landscape upon induction of Msgn1, Pax3 and Myf5 in mesodermal cells and identification of conserved Pax3 binding sites and target genes during skeletal myogenesis
65 Alessandro Magli Feb 26, 2019
PTENα/β paradoxically promote carcinogenesis through WDR5-H3K4me3 axis [ChIP-seq]
3 ge mengkai Feb 26, 2019
Genome-wide transcriptional response to random aneuploidy in human cells
6 YANG SHEN Feb 26, 2019
Transcriptome analysis of mouse cortical development and characterization of long non-coding RNAs
2 Tian Kuan Feb 26, 2019
Helicase subunit Cdc45 targets the checkpoint kinase Rad53 to both replication initiation and elongation complexes after fork stalling
9 Charles Bradshaw Feb 26, 2019
Early Loss of Histone H2B Monoubiquitylation Alters Chromatin Accessibility and Activates Key Immune Pathways That Facilitate Progression of Ovarian Cancer
6 Dave S.B. Hoon Feb 26, 2019
Dynamic transcriptome profiles within spermatogonial and spermatocyte populations during postnatal testis maturation revealed by single-cell sequencing
8 Jennifer K Grenier Feb 26, 2019
Transcriptomic Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells in Multiple Myeloma: A New Model to Understand Disease Dissemination III
6 Juan Jose Garces Feb 26, 2019
De novo mutation in ELOVL1 causes ichthyosis, acanthosis nigricans, and hypomyelination with lower extremity spastic paraplegia, high frequency deafness, and tunnel vision.
6 Markus Schuelke Feb 26, 2019
Single cell RNA-seq of 25 thousand epithelial cells from xenografts of triple-negative breast cancers
2 Gordon K Smyth Feb 26, 2019
Single cell RNAseq analysis of murine fetal growth plate chondrocytes and perichondrial cells
1 Noriaki Ono Feb 26, 2019
Single cell RNAseq analysis of fetal perichondrium-derived bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells
1 Noriaki Ono Feb 26, 2019
Single cell RNAseq analysis of fetal growth plate-derived bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells
1 Noriaki Ono Feb 26, 2019
Developmental regulation of heterochromatin establishment at the maternal to zygotic transition
20 Mary Goll Feb 26, 2019
Comparative transcriptome analysis of a novel obligate Methylomonas sp. DH-1 reveals key differences in the transcriptional responses in C1 and secondary metabolite pathways during growth on methane and methanol
6 Donghyuk Kim Feb 26, 2019
Transcriptome analysis of TP53-R248L overexpressed 19NS patient-derived glioblastoma cells
2 Seok Won Ham Feb 26, 2019
Transcriptome profile of ATP7B KO cells and WT cells treated with Copper (Cu) to study Autophagy as a pro-survival mechanism in Wilson disease
12 Annamaria Carissimo Feb 26, 2019
The downstream gene expression of Notch signal in tumor associated endothelial cells
6 Xian-Chun Yan Feb 26, 2019
Ablation of adipocyte BCL6 enhances subcutaneous adiposity and insulin sensitivity [RNA-seq]
32 Grant D. Barish Feb 26, 2019