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DNA methylation regulates the neonatal CD4+ T-cell response to pneumonia in mice
12 Benjamin D. Singer Jun 04, 2018
DNA replication timing directly regulates the frequency of oncogenic chromosomal translocations
44 Tobias Neumann Sep 15, 2022
Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Islets Ameliorate Diabetes in Nonhuman Primates [human_singlecell]
3 Yaqi Wang Feb 04, 2022
In vivo CRISPR screening reveals nutrient signaling processes underpinning CD8+ T cell fate decisions [Pofut1 ATAC-seq]
8 Hongbo Chi Feb 25, 2021
‘Sertoli cell-only’ phenotype and single-cell RNA-seq define PRAMEF12 as a germline-specific factor for male stem cell maintenance and differentiation [RNA-Seq]
12 Cameron Palmer Oct 22, 2019
Beyond flowering time: diverse roles of an APETALA2‐like transcription factor in shoot architecture and perennial traits
2 Maria Albani Jan 26, 2021
Inflammatory molecular endotypes of nasal polyps derived from Caucasian and Japanese populations
24 Tsuguhisa Nakayama Dec 15, 2021
Inflammatory molecular endotypes of nasal polyps derived from Caucasian and Japanese populations
2 Tsuguhisa Nakayama Dec 15, 2021
Post-transcriptional remodelling is temporally deregulated during motor neurogenesis in human ALS models
11 Raphaelle Luisier Mar 08, 2018
Structure of LINC00511-siRNA-conjugated nanobubbles and improvement of cisplatin sensitivity on triple negative breast cancer
4 Bolin Wu Sep 03, 2020
A Multiplexed Barcodelet Single-Cell RNA-Seq Approach Elucidates Combinatorial Signaling Pathways that Drive ESC Differentiation
20 Richard I Sherwood May 26, 2020
A gastruloid model of the interaction between embryonic and extra-embryonic cell types
6 Stefan Semrau Jun 16, 2022
Age prediction from human blood plasma using proteomic and small RNA data: a comparative analysis
103 Christian Günter Riedel Jun 30, 2023
Arabidopsis PP6 phosphatases dephosphorylate PIF proteins to repress photomorphogenesis.
6 xiaodan yu Sep 04, 2019
Changes in adenoviral chromatin organization precede early gene activation [RNA-Seq]
10 Uwe Schwartz Apr 24, 2023
Che-1 sustains hypoxic response of colorectal cancer cells by affecting Hif-1α stabilization
4 Matteo Pallocca Jun 12, 2017
Chromatin landscape associated with sexual differentiation in a UV sex determination system
44 Olivier GODFROY Mar 21, 2022
Circular RNA circGNAQ acts as the sponge of miR-146a-5p to delay endothelial cell senescence and atherosclerosis progression
4 weipeng Wu Jun 18, 2020
Comparative transcriptomics of Aspergillus niger when deleted or overexpressed for the putative transcription factors MjkA, MjkB and the histon deactelyase HdaX
28 Paul Schäpe Nov 07, 2018
Determine the effects of Hdac3 deletion on H3K27ac profiles in murine chondrocytes[ChIP-Seq]
4 Jennifer Jane Westendorf Aug 10, 2016