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EDD: a program for detection of wide genomic enrichment domains robust against local variations [ChIP-Seq]
5 Philippe Collas Apr 25, 2014
EDD: a program for detection of wide genomic enrichment domains robust against local variations [RNA-Seq]
2 Philippe Collas Apr 25, 2014
Differential features of lamina-associated domains mapped by ChIP-sequencing from sonicated or micrococcal nuclease-digested chromatin
5 Philippe Collas Mar 24, 2015
A hyper-dynamic nature of bivalent promoter states underlies coordinated developmental gene expression modules
4 Philippe Collas Dec 10, 2014
Pre-patterning of differentiation-driven nuclear lamin A/C-associated chromatin domains by GlcNAcylated histone H2B
12 Philippe Collas Sep 04, 2015
PML protein organizes heterochromatin domains where it regulates histone H3.3 deposition by ATRX/DAXX
20 Philippe Collas Mar 06, 2017
Genome models integrating chromatin contacts and nuclear lamin-genome interactions reveal implications of laminopathy-causing lamin mutations on genome architecture
25 Philippe Collas Dec 22, 2016
The lipodystrophic hotspot lamin A p.R482W mutation deregulates the mesodermal inducer T/Brachyury and early vascular differentiation gene networks
14 Philippe Collas Feb 17, 2018
TAD cliques shape the 4-dimensional genome during dual lineage terminal differentiation
34 Philippe Collas Feb 23, 2019
Characterization of the dynamics of lamin A and lamin B LADs in HepG2 cells: impact of cyclosporin A
8 Philippe Collas Feb 19, 2019
Rhythmic chromatin interactions with lamin B1 in liver reflect stochasticity in variable lamina-associated domains during the circadian cycle
42 Philippe Collas Aug 20, 2019
Adipogenic differentiation of gluteal and abdominal adipose stem cells
43 Philippe Collas Jun 17, 2022
Local euchromatin enrichment in lamina-associated domains anticipates their re-positioning in the adipogenic lineage
82 Philippe Collas Mar 21, 2022