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H3K36 Methylation Regulates Nutrient Stress Response in S. cerevisiae by Enforcing Transcriptional Fidelity
24 Austin J Hepperla Jun 05, 2017
Spt6 association with RNAPII directs mRNA turnover during transcription
12 Austin J Hepperla Apr 18, 2018
Casein Kinase II Phosphorylation of Spt6 Enforces Transcriptional Fidelity by Maintaining Spn1-Spt6 Interaction
31 Austin J Hepperla Nov 30, 2018
An optogenetic switch for the Set2 methyltransferase provides evidence for transcription-dependent and independent dynamics of H3K36 methylation
134 Austin J Hepperla Jul 01, 2020
CHD4 and the NuRD complex directly control cardiac sarcomere formation
21 Austin J Hepperla May 15, 2018
HDAC inhibitors result in widespread alteration of the histone acetylation landscape and BRD4 targeting to gene bodies 
30 Austin J Hepperla Oct 20, 2020
JMJD6-DGAT1 Signaling Regulates Lipid Metabolism and Tumorigenesis in ccRCC
21 Austin J Hepperla Jun 27, 2022
Bioorthogonal Chemical Epigenetic Modifiers Enable Dose-dependent CRISPR Targeted Gene Activation
16 Austin J Hepperla Aug 22, 2022
USP13 Promotes Deubiquitination of ZHX2 and Tumorigenesis in Kidney Cancer
18 Austin J Hepperla Jul 27, 2022
STING governs RCC growth through mitochondrial regulation of VDAC2
9 Austin J Hepperla Nov 29, 2022