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Hedgehog signaling patterns the oral-aboral axis of the mandibular arch
1 Steve Potter Jan 25, 2019
Single cell sequencing of developing heart valves identifies novel cell populations and uncovers interstitial cell heterogeneity
2 Steve Potter Jul 13, 2018
Physical interactions between Gsx2 and Ascl1 balance progenitor expansion versus neurogenesis in the mouse lateral ganglionic eminence
2 Steve Potter Mar 11, 2020
A single cell host/pathogen transcriptome atlas of the HPV16 infected epidermis identifies a novel differentiation-dissonant keratinocyte population implicated in cancer
2 Steve Potter Jan 23, 2023
Cross-Platform single cell analysis of kidney development shows stromal cells express Gdnf
3 Steve Potter Sep 29, 2017
Single cell RNA-seq study of wild type and Hox mutant developing uterus
3 Steve Potter Aug 07, 2018
The use of cold active proteases can dramatically reduce single cell RNA-seq gene expression artifacts
4 Steve Potter Feb 01, 2017
Reduced Abd-B Hox function during kidney development results in lineage infidelity
4 Steve Potter Jan 20, 2018
Olig2 Defines a Unique Subset of Neural Stem Cells That Produce Specific Olfactory Bulb Interneuron Subtypes in the Subventricular Zone of Postnatal and Adult Mice
6 Steve Potter Feb 18, 2022
Acute Kidney Injury Transcriptional Profiles: Single Cell RNA Sequencing reveals Injury induced Renal Developmental program reactivation and Lineage Infidelity in adult kidney
10 Steve Potter Oct 30, 2020
A subset of pro-inflammatory spiny mice macrophages promotes a regenerative phenotype in mouse fibroblasts
10 Steve Potter Oct 23, 2023