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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterWIG Remove filterJun 12, 2017
ChIP-seq verifiy KDM3B recruitment on Wnt target gene promoters
6 Cunyu Wang Jun 12, 2017
Lsd1 ChIP-Seq in trophoblast stem cells
2 Maria Josefina Castex Jun 12, 2017
Deletion of Lsd1 triggers Senescence in Trophoblast Stem Cells by Induction of Sirt4
6 Maria Josefina Castex Jun 12, 2017
Integrator complex subunit 12 is a key regulator of human protein synthesis pathways
27 Alexander Kheirallah Jun 12, 2017
RNA association patterns of Salmonella cold shock proteins direct discovery of essential virulence function of CspC and CspE
26 Lars Barquist Jun 12, 2017