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Exaggerated neuroinflammation and sickness behavior in aged mice after activation of the peripheral innate immune system
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Rodney W. Johnson Sep 12, 2005
Gene profiling analysis of Src chemical rescue
6 Profile icon Philip A Cole Mar 07, 2006
HaCaT +GLI1/2 24/72h
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Veronika Sander May 25, 2005
mRNA expression in rat proximal femoral growthplate after mid-shaft fracture
16 Profile icon Ralph A. Meyer Mar 31, 2006
Transcriptional Profiling of Mammary Gland Side Population Cells
7 Profile icon Fariba Behbod Jul 15, 2006
Expression data from Lbeta T2 cells upon activin treatment
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Ying Peng Jul 05, 2006
Gene expression profiling of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia identifies two subtypes mainly associated with FLT3 ITD
18 Profile icon Rossana Maffei Oct 06, 2005
Inducible Ngn3 Embryonic Stem Cells
16 Profile icon Nathan R Treff Jul 01, 2006
Expression data from wild type versus HDAC knock out mouse embryonic stem cells
6 Profile icon Gordin Zupkovitz Sep 19, 2006
Transcriptional profiling of rhesus monkey embryonic stem cells
9 Profile icon James Anthony Byrne Aug 17, 2006
Obesity impact on the left ventricular transcriptome of 4 and 10 months old SHHF rats
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Philippe V Rouet Jul 05, 2006
Hippocampal pathways in cognitive impairment
78 Profile icon Veronique Thibault Mar 15, 2007
Global gene expression analysis of quercetin bioactivity in cultured rat cardiomyocytes
6 Profile icon Cristina Angeloni Mar 31, 2007
Effect of INF-gamma and IL1-beta on thyroid cells
20 Profile icon Rork Kuick Aug 24, 2007
Murine myoblasts : Control vs. Reversine treated cells
4 Profile icon Eun Kyung Lee Dec 04, 2007
Expression data from Murine T cell in response to IL-2 at 10 time points in 24 hours after IL-2 treatment
43 Profile icon Zhaoduo Zhang Jan 11, 2008
Human pre-invasive and invasive cervical squamous cell carcinomas and normal cervical epithelia
41 Profile icon Rork Kuick Dec 11, 2007
Gene expression in benzene-exposed workers
48 Profile icon Cliona McHale May 11, 2009
Expression data from murine hearts exposed to ischemic preconditioning comparing A2BAR null and wildtype BL6/C57 mice
12 Profile icon Tobias Eckle Jan 14, 2010
Individualized analysis of subcutaneous and omental abdominal adipose tissue from non-obese and obese subjects
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Katherine Cianflone Apr 03, 2009