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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterXLSX Remove filterSep 01, 2017
Exploring the occupancy and interaction with FXR2, STAT1/3 and H3K4me3 at genomic level of FXR1 in H358 and AGS cell line by ChIP-seq
15 Bin Xiang Sep 01, 2017
Arg1 functions in the physiological adaptation of undifferentiated plant cells to spaceflight
18 Robert J. Ferl Sep 01, 2017
Myocardial glycolysis and gene expression in the adult mouse heart
9 Bradford G Hill Sep 01, 2017
Malaria Host Pathogen Interaction Center Experiment 03: Host and parasite gene transcript abundance measures from whole blood for Macaca mulatta infected with Plasmodium coatneyi Hackeri strain from 7 time points over a 101 day study
35 Mary Galinski Sep 01, 2017
Whole genome transcriptional responses to aluminum stress in rice roots
32 Susan R. McCouch Sep 01, 2017
Peptide-signaling and miRNA regulation of transmitter switching affecting social preference
3 Giordano Lippi Sep 01, 2017
Next Generation RNA Sequencing reveals defects in nuclear and chloroplast mRNA maturation of Arabidopsis thaliana lefko2 mutant
2 Polydefkis Hatzopoulos Sep 01, 2017