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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterXLSX Remove filterOct 22, 2019
Modeling of aniridia-related keratopathy by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing of human limbal epithelial cells and rescue by recombinant PAX6 protein
4 Jo Huiqing Zhou Oct 22, 2019
Neuronal transcriptome analyses reveal novel neuropeptide modulators of excitation and inhibition imbalance in C. elegans
4 Yishi Jin Oct 22, 2019
RNA-Seq analysis of cSCC cells followed by siRNA-induced gene knockdown of C1s.
6 Liisa Nissinen Oct 22, 2019
Retroelement insertion in a CRISPR/Cas9 editing site in the early embryo intensifies genetic mosaicism
41 Byungkuk Min Oct 22, 2019
The Cyclic AMP Receptor Protein Regulates Quorum Sensig and Global Gene Expression in Yersinia pestis During Planktonic Growth and Growth in Biofilms
6 Jeremy T Ritzert Oct 22, 2019