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Accession Title Series type(s) Organism(s) Samples GDS Supplementary Contact Release date
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Investigating the Regulation of Hypopharyngeal Gland Activity in Honeybees Undergoing Harsh Winter Conditions through RNA-seq Transcriptomics Combined with iTRAQ-based Comparative Proteomics
3 Zhenguo Liu Dec 31, 2017
T47D xenografts treated with various combinations of ER- and PR-targeting therapies
17 Hari Singhal Dec 31, 2017
Profiling gene expression of the host response to an irradiated sporozoite immunization and Plasmodium vivax malaria challenge
55 Monica L. Rojas-Peña Dec 31, 2017
Convergent exaptation of Alu and B/ID SINEs for Staufen-mediated mRNA decay
18 Manuel Ares Dec 31, 2017
Growth is required for perception of water availability to pattern plant root branches
12 Jose Ramon Dinneny Dec 31, 2017
mRNA profile of dG9a-depleted adult Drosophila melanogaster under starvation
4 Kohei Shimaji Dec 31, 2017
Molecular effects on individual and combined toxicity of OTA and CTN against human embryonic kidney 293 cells
8 HONG ZHU Dec 31, 2017
Downregulation of DDX5/DDX17 and REST
8 jean-baptiste claude Dec 31, 2017
Next generation sequencing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 in the presence of Copper Nanoparticles Stress
4 Jianhua Guo Dec 31, 2017
Alterations of microRNAs throughout the malignant evolution of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
40 Iddo Z. Ben-Dov Dec 31, 2017
Differentially expressed genes related to inflammatory disease on nasal cavity induced by diesel exhaust particles (DEPs)
8 Hyo-Jeong Kim Dec 31, 2017
Analysis of transcriptional differences after IFN-beta (IFN-b) or IFN-lambda (IFN-l) treated human mid-gestation chorionic villus explants
9 Akiko Iwasaki Dec 31, 2017