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Cross-species transcriptional network analysis defines shared inflammatory responses in murine and human lupus nephritis[Tubulointerstitial]
41 Viji Nair Dec 10, 2012
Cross-species transcriptional network analysis defines shared inflammatory responses in murine and human lupus nephritis [Glomeruli]
69 Viji Nair Dec 10, 2012
The control of rRNA synthesis during the directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells precedes heterochromatin formation.
21 Jessica L Woolnough Sep 16, 2016
A broad RNA virus survey reveals dependence on host miRNAs and specific sequestration modulating the cellular transcriptome
103 Troels K H Scheel Jan 20, 2016
Pre-symptomatic diagnosis of Ebola virus infection
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Krupa Arun Navalkar Jun 14, 2016
High-resolution Comparative Analysis Reveals a Primitive 3D Genome in Embryonic Stem Cells
4 Fulai Jin Aug 31, 2017
Genetic determinants and epigenetic effects of pioneer factor binding [ChIP-seq]
44 Sudhir Thakurela Jan 29, 2018
Macrophages confer survival signals via CCR1-dependent translational MCL-1 induction in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
13 Perry D Moerland Feb 11, 2017
Gene expression profiling of continuous growth hormone infused (cGH) adult male mouse liver by RNA-seq analysis of polyA-selected liver RNA. [G88_G96]
5 David J. Waxman Jul 14, 2017
Recessive mutation in EXOSC3 associates with mitochondrial dysfunction and pontocerebellar hypoplasia
1 Markus Schuelke Aug 22, 2017
Copy number profiling of 556 high-risk neuroblastoma patients using aCGH or SNP arrays
Katleen De Preter Mar 13, 2018
The landscape of A-to-I RNA editome from 462 individuals human genomes
Wenjie Shu Aug 31, 2017
Comparative transcriptomic analysis of Central Neurocytoma-derived tumor spheres as compared to its differentiated cells and fetal SVZ-derived neural stem cells.
4 Sun Ha Paek Dec 31, 2021
ADAR1-editing in HeLa, p150-KO and ADAR1-KO transcriptomes
12 Christian Karl Pfaller Dec 04, 2018
Robust Hi-C maps of enhancer-promoter interactions reveal the function of non-coding genome in neural development and diseases
40 Xiaoxiao Liu Jun 26, 2020
17-beta estradiol protects esophageal epithelium from IL-13-induced barrier dysfunction and remodeling
Jazib Uddin Aug 30, 2019
Benchmarking of 4C-seq pipelines based on real and simulated data
6 Frank Rosenbauer May 29, 2019
Gene expression predictors of breast cancer outcomes [KOO]
David Venet Dec 14, 2018
Pharmacogenomic Predictor of Sensitivity to Preoperative Chemotherapy With Paclitaxel and Fluorouracil, Doxorubicin, and Cyclophosphamide in Breast Cancer [MDA4]
David Venet Dec 14, 2018
Identification of a robust gene signature that predicts breast cancer outcome in independent data sets [UCSF]
David Venet Dec 14, 2018