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miRNA Expression data from murine hearts of transgenic Clock delta 19/delta 19 mice (Clock mice) and wild type (WT) mice at 4 and 21 months of age
12 Faisal James Alibhai Jan 01, 2017
Effect of PD-1 immune checkpoint in Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice
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25 Ido Amit Jan 01, 2017
Extracellular Matrix Proteolysis by MT1-MMP is Associated with Influenza-Related Mortality
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8 Ido Amit Jan 01, 2017
CHD7 controls cerebellar development via Reelin
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11 Albert Basson Jan 01, 2017
Mutational blows to Sox2+ cells induce epithelial squamous tumor initiation
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12 Christopher Benner Jan 01, 2017
Osteoblast-specific deletion of Hrpt2/Cdc73 results in high bone mass and increased bone turnover
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6 Casey James Droscha Jan 01, 2017
Specific myelomonocytic cells heavily infiltrate orthotopic lung tumors and display a hypoxia-driven micro-RNA expression signature that directs tumor-supporting functions and negatively impacts on clinical outcome
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16 Celine Everaert Jan 01, 2017
Genome wide host gene expression analysis in Mice infected with Pasteurella multocida
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18 Ravi Kumar Gandham Jan 01, 2017
MLL3/MLL4 are required for CBP/p300 binding on enhancers and super-enhancer formation in brown adipogenesis
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89 Kai Ge Jan 01, 2017
Layer-specific ATAC-seq of the neurons of adult mouse visual cortex defined by Cre-driver lines
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20 Lucas T Gray Jan 01, 2017
The effect of niclosamide on the growth and progression of endometriosis in an experimental mouse model
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6 Kanako Hayashi Jan 01, 2017
Derivation and functional annotation of hematopoietic subpopulations from single-cell DNA methylation data
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219 Martin Hirst Jan 01, 2017
RNAseq analysis of FACs sorted E-cadherin+, Kit+ and K5-venus+ cells from E15 K5-venus mouse submandibular salivary glands
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12 Matthew P Hoffman Jan 01, 2017
Survivin deficient liver of mice after partial hepatectomy
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8 Lijian Hui Jan 01, 2017
Identification of a novel long-range enhancer driving Sonic Hedgehog expression in neural progenitor cells
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8 Rob S Illingworth Jan 01, 2017
RNA Sequencing Data in differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells [day2 and 2.5 in differentiation]
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12 Vesa Matti Kaartinen Jan 01, 2017
Single-cell mRNA isoform diversity in the mouse brain
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6 Kasper Karlsson Jan 01, 2017
Characterization of transcriptomic profile of ulcerated and intact stomach epithelium
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6 Rebekah Karns Jan 01, 2017
Expression Patterns of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease genes and Efficacy of Green Tea on Hyperlipidemic Animal Model
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24 sanaz koosha Jan 01, 2017
Glucocorticoid-regulated circadian expression genes in spinal cord of nerve-injured mice
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4 Satoru Koyanagi Jan 01, 2017