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Retinal transcriptome of neonatal mice after optic nerve injury
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21 Ling-Ping Cen Jun 07, 2023
Lactate-dependent Transcriptional Regulation Controls Mammalian Eye Morphogenesis.
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22 NOZOMU TAKATA Jun 07, 2023
Cxxc finger protein 1 maintains homeostasis and function of intestinal group 3 innate lymphoid cells with aging
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22 lie wang Jun 07, 2023
Cxxc finger protein 1 maintains homeostasis and function of intestinal group 3 innate lymphoid cells with aging [Cxxc1 KO CUT&TAG]
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24 lie wang Jun 07, 2023
A super-enhancer regulated RNA-binding protein cascade drives pancreatic cancer
24 Ruth T Yu Jun 07, 2023
RNA-seq of T cell with/without lycorine treatment in vitro and RNA-seq of T cell in spleen and allograft
26 Xiaosheng Tan Jun 07, 2023
Loss of LCMT1 and biased protein phosphatase 2A heterotrimerization drive prostate cancer progression and therapy resistance
28 Irfan Asangani Jun 07, 2023
The mRNA methyltransferase Mettl3 modulates cytokine mRNA stability and limits functional responses in mast cells
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29 Cristina Leoni Jun 07, 2023
Role of HNF4a in osteoblasts [ChIP-seq]
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32 Valentin David Jun 07, 2023
Spatial Transcriptomics of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of The Pancreas Identifies NKX6-2 Expression as a Driver of Gastric Differentiation and Indolent Biological Potential
33 Anirban Maitra Jun 07, 2023
Digital Spatial Profiling of immuno-oncology proteins in mouse hepatocellular carcinoma xenograft treated with THIO-based combination immune therapie
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46 Yujin Hoshida Jun 07, 2023
47 Ann Richmond Jun 07, 2023
Prenatal exposure to benzo[a]pyrene depletes ovarian reserve and masculinizes embryonic ovarian germ cell transcriptome transgenerationally [RNA-seq]
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101 Toshi Shioda Jun 07, 2023
PU.1 and BCL11B sequentially cooperate with RUNX1 to anchor mSWI/SNF to poise the T cell effector landscape
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104 Alexandra Bradu Jun 07, 2023
Effect of androgen; gonad- and androgen receptor on gene expression in mouse kidney and liver
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182 Jing Liu Jun 07, 2023
A Novel Single Vector Intersectional AAV Strategy for Interrogating Cellular Diversity and Brain Function
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201 Beisi Xu Jun 07, 2023
Germ cell-specific eIF4E1b regulates maternal mRNA translation to ensure zygotic genome activation
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602 Guanghui Yang Jun 07, 2023