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Accession Title Series type(s) Organism(s) Samples GDS Supplementary Contact Release date
Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterAug 12, 2011
Renormalized GSE8191 by using the parametric method
  • Link icon Mus musculus
Tomokazu Konishi Aug 12, 2011
The Polycomb Group Protein Suz12 Is Required for Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
  • Link icon Mus musculus
4 Diego Pasini Aug 12, 2011
Expression profile of adult mouse 51 CNS regions
  • Link icon Mus musculus
102 Profile icon Hiroki R Ueda Aug 12, 2011
High-throughput semi-quantitative analysis of insertional mutations in heterogeneous tumors
  • Link icon Mus musculus
453 Jos Jonkers Aug 12, 2011