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A high-resolution map of transcriptional repression by Ikaros
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18 Thomas Samuel Carroll Jun 12, 2017
An autoregulatory RelB:p50 NF-κB pathway perpetuates pro-survival TNF response in multiple myeloma
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12 Soumen Basak Jun 12, 2017
Branched-chain amino acids prevent hepatic fibrosis and development of hepatocellular carcinoma in a non-alcoholic steatohepatitis mouse model
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15 Masao Honda Jun 12, 2017
Chronic nicotine differentially affects murine transcriptome profiling in isolated cortical interneurons and pyramidal neurons
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12 jie yang Jun 12, 2017
DLX3 binding sites in Supabasal Keratinocytes
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3 Hong-wei Sun Jun 12, 2017
Deletion of Lsd1 triggers Senescence in Trophoblast Stem Cells by Induction of Sirt4
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6 Maria Josefina Castex Jun 12, 2017
Deletion of Stk40 impairs definitive erythropoiesis in the mouse fetal liver
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4 Ying Jin Jun 12, 2017
Effects of narciclasine treatment on major metabolic organs of C57BL/6 mice
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12 Wei Xie Jun 12, 2017
Epigenetic profiling of aorta macrophages of mice exposed to intermittent hypoxia (CD11ME)
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4 David Gozal Jun 12, 2017
Expression data from mice epididymal adipose tissue
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12 Xiaoyan Yang Jun 12, 2017
Gene expression profiling of FGFR1 KO mice
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8 Chad Creighton Jun 12, 2017
Gene resistance to transcriptional reprogramming following nuclear transfer is directly mediated by multiple chromatin repressive pathways
48 Charles Bradshaw Jun 12, 2017
Hepatic transcriptome in CUGBP1 S302A knock-in mice highlights CUGBP1 degradation by Gankyrin through diethylnitrosamine (DEN) activation, leading to fatty liver and liver cancer
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12 Rebekah Karns Jun 12, 2017
Host genetic background strongly affects pulmonary miRNA expression before and during evolution of influenza A virus infection
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125 Matthias Preusse Jun 12, 2017
Hyperactivation of Nrf2 in early tubular development induces nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
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8 Eri H Kobayashi Jun 12, 2017
Identification of heptanal receptors in mouse olfactory epithelium by a high-throughput in vivo method
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9 Kentaro IKEGAMI Jun 12, 2017
Kmt2a and Kmt2b Control Memory Function via Different Transcriptional Programs
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72 Gaurav Jain Jun 12, 2017
Lsd1 ChIP-Seq in trophoblast stem cells
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2 Maria Josefina Castex Jun 12, 2017
Microbiota promotes systemic T-cell survival through suppression of an apoptotic factor
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6 Raymond Soto Jun 12, 2017
Multiple targeted metabolic effects of an oriental herb medicine “Taeeumjowuitang” with transcriptional response in diet-induced obesity; comparison with green tea extract
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12 Ji-Young Choi Jun 12, 2017