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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterNov 22, 2016
Smo and Ets-2 signaling in fibroblasts effects gene expression
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15 Jason R Pitarresi Nov 22, 2016
Transcriptional respose at 18hrs in Interferon treated lungs from C57BL/6 wt mice
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15 Stefania Crotta Nov 22, 2016
Abrogation Of Gap Junctional Communication In ES Cells Results In A Disruption Of Primitive Endoderm Formation In Embryoid Bodies
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11 Philipp Wörsdörfer Nov 22, 2016
p53 is a critical regulator of airway epithelial progenitor cell homeostasis.
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150 AGCT Core Nov 22, 2016
Transcript profiling in splenic red pulp macrophages from SIRPa-KO mice and WT mice
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2 Zhen Zhou Nov 22, 2016
Fetal and neonatal hematopoietic progenitors are functionally and transcriptionally resistant to Flt3-ITD mutations.
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117 Jeffery Magee Nov 22, 2016
Gene expression profiles in CDX2P-G19Cre;Apcflox/flox;Tgfbr2flox/flox and CDX2P-G19Cre;Apcflox/flox mouse tumors
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6 MASASHI MIGUCHI Nov 22, 2016
ChIP-seq of CTCF from mouse hippocampus
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4 Gilgi Friedlander Nov 22, 2016
RNA-seq of hippocampus from wild type and CTCF cko animals
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6 Gilgi Friedlander Nov 22, 2016
CTCF ChIP-seq of WT and RNA-seq of WT and CTCF cko mouse
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10 Gilgi Friedlander Nov 22, 2016
Trichloroethylene-induced miRNA expression changes in B6C3F1 mouse liver
6 Tao Chen Nov 22, 2016
Uterine glands impact uterine receptivity, luminal fluid homeostasis and blastocyst implantation
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24 Thomas Spencer Nov 22, 2016